Calendar Events
January 2017
01-17-2017January DESMO Meeting  (Show)
February 2017
02-21-2017MCD Only Event
March 2017
03-18-2017Music City DOC March 2017 Club Ride  (Show)
03-21-2017March 2017 Club Meeting  (Show)
03-25-2017Bloodworth Open House  (Show)
April 2017
04-14-2017 - 04-15-2017Bloodworth DUCATI Open House  (Show)
04-17-2017April Meeting (ON MONDAY) 04/17/2017 - 6:30pm  (Show)
04-22-2017MCD Only Event
May 2017
05-16-2017MCD Only Event
05-20-2017May Club Ride  (Show)
05-27-2017POSTPONED!!! 650ib Video Blog Filming  (Show)
June 2017
06-03-2017DESMO Track Day at Barber Motorsports  (Show)
06-20-2017MCD Only Event
06-25-2017June Ride - KSU 9am | Bloodworth  (Show)
July 2017
07-08-2017Italian Cars & Coffee 10am-12:30pm  (Show)
07-15-2017July 15th - TWO Events  (Show)
07-18-2017MCD Only Event
August 2017
08-04-2017 - 08-06-2017US DESMO 12th Annual Ducks Head West Rally  (Show)
08-10-2017 - 08-13-2017Road Runner Mag Annual Touring Weekend  (Show)
08-15-2017August DESMO Meeting  (Show)
08-19-2017Cruiser 4 Kara - Fundraiser / Franklin Moto  (Show)
08-26-2017THIS SATURDAY!! GROUP RIDE  (Show)
September 2017
09-09-2017MCD Only Event
09-15-2017 - 09-17-2017Moto American at Barber Motorsports  (Show)
09-19-2017September DESMO Meeting 6:30pm  (Show)
09-24-2017UPDATED TIMES for DGR - Sept 24  (Show)
October 2017
10-17-2017October DESMO Meeting - 6:30pm  (Show)
10-28-2017Multiple TRACK DAYs: times and dates  (Show)
November 2017
11-02-2017 - 11-05-2017November 2-5th  (Show)
11-05-2017Ducati World Premier  (Show)
11-14-2017MCD Only Event
11-24-2017Bloodworth After Thanksgiving Day Ride  (Show)
December 2017
12-09-2017UPDATE!! December 9th | 7pm | DESMO Holiday Social  (Show)
April 2018
04-20-2018 - 04-22-2018US MotoGP Circuit of the Americas  (Show)
July 2018
07-20-2018 - 07-22-2018WORLD Ducati Meet  (Show)