About Music City Ducati


The Music City Ducati Owners' club is a private club of enthusiasts centered in the Nashville TN area but with members throughout the TN,AL and KY region.

We enjoy all things Ducati and mainly sports motorcycles. We have a varying level of age as well as motorcycle skill level.

We organize day rides, usually Saturdays, throughout most of the good weather riding season, have occasional weekend rallies plus many of our members partake in track day events.

When we ride we emphasize that all riders should ride their own ride and not ride at a pace where they feel uncomfortable and put either themselves, the other riders or the general public at risk.

Leave egos at home, please.

Motorcycling has an element of risk, we therefore strongly recommend that full safety protective gear be warn at all times when riding. We like our riders to wear full face helmets, DOT or Snell approved,  leather one or two piece suits, or motorcycle jackets and pants, or similar motorcycle suits, such as Aerostich, that provide a reasonable level of protection. Motorcycle boots are also recommended along with proper motorcycle gloves.

If you like to ride in tee shirts, shorts and sneakers, then this is probably not the club for you.

If you would like to become a member please print and fill out a Membership form.