Calendar Events
January 2022
01-27-2022January Dinner Meeting  (Show)
February 2022
02-24-2022February Meeting  (Show)
02-26-2022UPDATE - Barber Museum Trip  (Show)
March 2022
03-06-2022MotoGP Watch Party - Qatar  (Show)
03-17-2022St. Parick's Day Celebration  (Show)
03-22-2022UPDATE #2 March Meeting  (Show)
03-26-2022Italian Cars Motorcycles and Coffee  (Show)
April 2022
04-03-2022MotoGP Watch Party - Argentina  (Show)
04-28-2022Location update - April Meeting  (Show)
04-29-2022 - 04-30-2022Nashville Motos Grand Opening  (Show)
04-30-2022Annual Ton-up Rally/Poker Run  (Show)
May 2022
05-15-2022MotoGP Watch Party, LeMans, French round  (Show)
June 2022
06-04-2022Italian Cars, Motorcycles and Coffee  (Show)
06-05-20222022 Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride   (Show)
06-16-2022June Club Meeting | JUNE 16th  (Show)
July 2022
07-23-2022World Ducati Week Celebration  (Show)
August 2022
08-13-2022MCD Only Event
08-19-2022Ducati Desert X unveiling  (Show)
08-25-2022August Club Meeting  (Show)
08-27-2022Group Ride  (Show)
September 2022
09-22-2022September DESMO Meeting  (Show)
09-24-2022Motos and Munchies  (Show)
October 2022
10-07-2022 - 10-09-2022Barber Vintage Festival  (Show)
10-27-2022October Desmo Meeting  (Show)
10-29-2022MCD Only Event
10-29-2022Italian Cars, Motorcycles & Coffee   (Show)
November 2022
11-12-2022MCD Only Event
December 2022
12-08-20222022 Holiday Party  (Show)