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Urge fellow riders to sign AMA petition to prevent increased ethanol risk for motorcycles
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Thank you for signing the American Motorcyclist Association’s petition regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard proposal announced May 29. As you know, if this proposal is adopted, it would increase the risk of inadvertent misfueling for motorcyclists and all-terrain-vehicle owners by forcing the widespread availability of higher-ethanol fuel blends, such as E15, and less availability of E0, fuel that has no ethanol added.

With your help, the AMA petition now has almost 17,000 signatures! What started with one voice has now grown to thousands. Thank you!

Now, the AMA urges you to share the petition with your fellow riders. We need to let the EPA know our concerns with its proposal. The pro-ethanol groups have a petition, too, and they have publicly stated the number is more than 34,000 signatures!

With 22 million motorcycles and ATVs that cannot use the higher ethanol blended fuel, we can beat the pro-ethanol groups’ numbers. The finish line is July 26. Our goal is simple: To collect as many signatures as we can. You did your part, now get your fellow riders to sign the AMA petition.

In keeping with what Independence Day means to all Americans, the AMA would like to gather 1,776 additional signatures by July 4!

With less than a month to act, time is of the essence to make our voice louder. Share the AMA petition by tweeting using #RFSBroken or share with your friends on Facebook.

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