New MCD Feature



This feature is designed to allow MAD Members to create "on the fly web" page about things related to motorcycles. As you can see from the couple of examples, I did one about the history of my ownership of a Bimota Db2 and another on the topic of Winterizing a Motorcycle.


This feature could also be used to combine photos as well as text describing an event such as a MAD VIR Track day. 


A Feature can be specified as to whether it will be displayed on the MAD Home Page or not, and how long it will be displayed.


Whether a Feature is displayed on the MAD Home Page and for how long, will be controlled by the Officers of the Club.


When a Feature is rolled off of the MAD Home Page, it does not disappear, it stays in the club archive. 


A list of all existing Features can be seen by clicking "Bike Stuff" and then "Member Features".




Now with that said, although the tool provided mimics and editor such as Word, it does require a basic understanding of HTML to get the best format for your feature. If this overwhelms you, I suggest you put together your feature in an editor such as word and save it in .html format and then send it to me, Chris Edwards, and I will then create your Feature.


 Note: Any abuse of this feature and your ability to use this feature will be disabled.


How to Build a Feature

You must be logged into the MAD website to be able to create/edit your Feature.


Your Feature belongs to you and only you, the Officers of the Club and the System Administrator can modify it.


To access the Feature Maintenance function click "Club Stuff" and "Feature Maintenance".




A list of your existing features will be displayed. 


To create a new Feature click . This is similar to what you will see.



Title: This is the Title for your feature.

Show Feature: This indicates whether this feature is available for view. You can create and edit your feature, so until it is complete, this field should probably left unchecked.

Show On Mad Web Page: This checkbox, when checked, indicates whether this Feature will appear on the MAD Home Web Page or not.

Date Archive: This is the date that the feature will come off the MAD Home Web Page.

Main Feature Content: This is where you enter the guts of yiur new feature.

Home Page Content: This where you create what will be displayed on the MAD Home Web Page and also what will appear in the Feature List page.



This page was built using this new Feature...... 





Owner: Edwards, Christopher