"Starter Sprag Clutch"

How the Sprag works.

The sprag clutch is fixed into the back of the flywheel.
The inner part of the cam lobes, on the sprag clutch rest on the start idler gear flange, held there by a circular spring, when the engine is stopped.
When the starter button is pressed, the starter idler gear spins and the surface contact between the cam lobes and the idler gear cause the lobes to twist, which in turn spins the crankshaft.
Once the engine is running, the cam lobes on the sprag retreat away from contacting the now still starter idler gear by centrifugal force.

To get to this component for repair or replacement use this link
Starter Sprag Clutch Repair
When installing a new sprag clutch, examine the new sprag clutch carefully, on one of the plates will be an arrow noting the direction it is to be installed, see the arrow in the above picture at 12 o' clock. Make a note of this when you take the old bearing out.

When I removed the circlip, that retains the sprag clutch in the back of the flywheel, this arrow was visible.

If your Sprag Clutch appears to slip, here is a link to a website that describes how to fix this.

Click here

The picture, below, shows the Sprag Spring that may be shortened about 1/4"

The picture, below, shows the two ends of the Sprag Spring


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